Terms and Conditions

Carbon-Neutral-Student.co.uk will not give or sell your information to anyone or any other organisation.

You will never have to be responsible for the trees that we plant for you. That’s our job. Nor will you own the individual tree because it will be part of a growing woodland.

The carbon emissions that each tree offsets will be thanks to you and you can be proud of that. We will manage and care for the woods.

Tree and seed stocks will come as far as possible from our existing woodland. We can plant thousands of trees each year like this and it helps us keep the costs down but we reserve the right to supplement our stocks from local nurseries if needs be with no extra cost to you.

Seedlings will be transplanted to the land we have allocated from greenhouses when they are a minimum of 3 years old, usually in the spring as the soil is starting to warm up.

A Word of Warning

Even if you are helping to offset your C02 emissions, you should still be very careful to minimise your energy use and domestic waste. Please be aware of the need to combine other means of green or environmental living with your contributions to Carbon-Neutral-Student as a whole and do not waste this opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint in every possible way during your student life and beyond.

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